AutoRIM – The Polyurethane Equipment Specialists

AutoRIM, polyurethane machines and PU equipment, technical support and replacement parts.

AutoRIM are leading suppliers in all high pressure impingement mixing in dispensing, dosing or injection for even the most demanding of PUR, polyurethane foam, urethane foam, RIM, CSM spray or cast elastomer moulding injecting and injection technology applications.

AutoRIM have the knowledge, expertise and technical competence to integrate polyurethane processing equipment including metering machines, plant, technologies and ancillaries. Our on-site services include technical support for Hennecke and all other brands of pu processing equipment, for expansion, retrofit or upgrade of reaction process machinery.

AutoRIM also design and build low pressure machines specified for equipment longevity and optimal performance so our customers worldwide can manufacture Pu foam and elastomer products including automotive and office seating, coldroom and coldstore panels, SIPs and full wall timber frame, composite doors, RIM mouldings, field joint systems, GsPU, pipe insulation, elastomer wheels, medical components and many, many more.

Hennecke innovating mixing technology
Hennecke innovating mixing technology
Fully integrated pu production cell
OEM parts fitted as standard
Offshore field jointing equipment
Technology transfer panel construction system
UK design and build technology


High quality Hennecke mixing and metering machine technology for every application. Modular configuration with first class metering and mixing performance. Solutions for standard applications and special engineering for complex requirements improving competitive advantage.


Maximum reliability and metering accuracy from AutoRIM low pressure technology. The ‘D’ series, dynamic mix heads of simple and robust design for rapid switchover from recycle to pour in a range of dispense outputs from 5gm/sec to 5000gm/sec for a cost effective introduction to pu processing.


Spare parts and service from a single source supporting Hennecke, AutoRIM and all major polyurethane machine brands. Pump service exchange using only OEM parts and fast expert response for production demands. Process optimisation and improved productivity by our trained, experienced engineers.